University of Pittsburgh

Bambang Parmanto is Professor of Health Information Management and Computing & Information at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the Director of Rehab Engineering Research Center on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Access and Principal Investigator of a large project on self-management for individuals with chronic and complex conditions using mobile health (mHealth). He leads the Health and Rehabilitation Informatics (HARI) research group at the University of Pittsburgh. His research interest has been in developing technologies for connected health (tele, mobile, and wearable technologies) to deliver adaptive and personalized interventions for individuals with chronic and complex conditions.

I Wayan Pulantara has more than 12 years’ experience in software engineering. Started as a Java developer, he then moved to .NET-based developments. For the last 7 years he has been working as a research assistant with primary responsibility of telehealth solutions development at University of Pittsburgh. He has developed several video conferencing, web and mobile solutions using mostly .NET technology, but also other technologies, such as: DirectShow, C++, C, SQL, SIP, JavaScript, CSS and PHP.  He is a highly versatile, solutions-driven, software engineer with a good analytical and problem solving skill. As evidenced by multiple successful implementations of high quality software using innovative technologies across various dissimilar architectures. He is also highly effective in team based developments.

Andi Saptono is a Telehealth Specialist at the University of Pittsburgh. He has extensive experience in developing and supporting telehealth technologies, as well as implementing various telehealth services at national and international field. His work includes platform to deliver telehealth services; learning health system platform for healthcare and rehabilitation; and personal health record application for mobile technology. He has strong technical qualifications with track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in information technology system development, and project and product management, with extensive knowledge in designing innovative, cost-effective solutions for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare and rehabilitation service, and conducting usability studies through the use of formal user-centric approach.