RERC Projects

The projects are the mainstay of this RERC. We have six projects in total – three research and three development projects. With the research projects, the RERC contributes to advancing knowledge about how people who are deaf or hard of hearing can benefit from new technologies. With the development projects, the RERC contributes to testing new technologies and best practices, and bringing them to the market.

Research Projects

  • Project R1: Enhanced Aural Rehabilitation for Adult Cochlear Implant Users via Telerehab Technology
  • Project R2: User-Driven Customization of Cochlear Implant Programming
  • Project R3: Validation of Hearing Aid Fitting for Infants and Toddlers

Development Projects

  • Project D1: Development of a Consumer Model for a Technology-Focused Train-the-Trainer Program
  • Project D2: Context-Sensitive Assessment of Real-World Listening Situations via Integrated Smartphones and Hearing Aids
  • Project D3: Interactive Learning Environment for Optimizing Technology Use