A flowchart: Navigating the labyrinth of the FCC’s IP captioning rules

Captioning rules for TV are fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Internet captioning, due to a plethora of special cases and exemptions that have been carved out. Prerecorded programming, live programming, and clips are all treated differently; it also matters when a video was first posted on the Internet, and when it last was shown on TV.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the agency responsible for enforcing the rules for Internet captioning. This process is primarily driven by consumer complaints. If you see a captioning problem, the first step is to figure out whether it is actually covered under the law and/or rules. The RERC has developed a flowchart to assist you in determining the legal situation. This flowchart was initially distributed as part of the train-the-trainer program im April 2016, under Project D1, and is now available in an updated and cleaned-up version. The DHH-RERC wishes to thank Dr. Gregg Vanderheiden for his assistance in the cleanup and producing an accessible version.

IPCaptioningFlowchart-V2 (PPT, May 2016)

IPCaptioningFlowChart – Interactive (Interactive accessible PPT, May 2016)